Zipato RGBW bulb

Hi there any luck with this?
Brand new to ST and have this bulb working on a Vera. Moving everything to ST as more options

Well, the code from drandyhaas didn’t work for some reason. I’m not sure why, but I tried the code from here:
and changed the fingerprint to: fingerprint inClusters: “0x26” from drandyhaas code. Probably not a good solution, but it actually works pretty good now. I only use it with one color though.

Also, sometimes (maybe once every two weeks) when I turn it on, the color is green. After a quick off/on, the color is back to the one I previously set it to.

To sum it up. It works fine for me, but I wouldn’t buy any more bulbs until it’s officially supported.

I have since bought a few Hue bulbs, which works beautifully. That’s the great thing with SmartThings. You can have a mix of ZigBee/Z-Wave devices.

Oh, and welcome to the community! :smile:

Can you use the hue bulbs without the hue hub?

Hey guys I know this is an ancient thread but it ended on a bad note. I have the Zipato bulb from @TheSmartestHouse and it pairs right up to SmartThings no problem. It pairs as an RGBW Bulb and all the controls work just great! I didn’t see it in the supported list so I was skeptical (figured I would need to write a device type for it) but it just worked. Pretty sweet little bulb and the same size as any other regular bulb. The Aeon bulb is nice as well, I think the colors are a little richer but it’s subjective, but the Aeon is a decent bit larger and I had a little trouble getting it into this paper globe I have… It’s not like crazy bigger but. I’m going to be doing a review on both side by side soon and you can see. Wish we could post pics here without linking…

Robert your Zipato bulb synced up and you can turn it on and off? Mine sync and i can turn them on and off but the SmartThings app never shows a status change. They continuously indicate on .

Anything you did to get them to work? They synced as AEON bulbs

Try the generic RGBW handler.

50% got one of two to work. one of them seems to have a range issue possibly and issue with the bulb as all seems to work if i’m within 30’ of my hub

thanks for the help

Zwave is weird. I wish there was a visual way to see how the mesh was built. Sometimes depends on who is talking to who… you’d think it would just take the best route… I think it does over time, but I’ve had all kinds of issues after pairing and putting something where it will eventually go. It seems “exercising” it helps… turning it on and off or waking it up multiple times or whatever… it gets the word out to the other devices where it is and establishes the route. I think anyway… Also have found most published ranges to be BS…