Anyone managed to use the Zipato Energy Meter to Smartthings? The device was found and connected but it’s not seen as an energy meter, so pretty useless at the moment…

Any luck with this?

No, still waiting for a solution… The Smartthings hub was supposed to be the best smart home hub, but dedicated hubs like Vera are much better in my opinion…

Your statement makes no sense. Vera is more or less the same concept as SmartThings albeit with far more limited device support.

Not true, Vera has more advanced features like complex scenes (e.g if room temperature is below 18 °C and power consumption is below 2 KW, turn on air conditioner), support to energy meters with advanced energy consumption reports, and so on. And latest Vera (but also Fibaro etc.) controllers support Z-wave, Wifi, Bluetooth, Zigbee devices and all the devices are recognized immediately without need to write additional code for them to work.
Smartthings only works out of the box with a bunch of devices and it only has basic functionalities. Its only advantage is the price.