Zipato dual switch

Is anyone using one of these dual switch?
I am thinking about attaching isolated relays for garage door opener. Is there a device handler?

Bump no has used this???

Hi, 4 years later.

Yes, I am using one to control my pool light.

I am not sure if there is a device handler for it.

I’ve held on to my Vera 3 for this long just for the simplicity of on boarding for some of these devices. This week i’ve started moving off Vera 3 into ST.

I have this module and the one that worked is a Fibaro Double Switch 2 ZW5, seems to have all the features and capabilities compatible to this module… On board the usual way then hange to the Fibaro DH, it will create 2 more switches, just delete the 3rd one which is in Vera used to be triggering both relay at the same time but doesn’t work as a Fibaro DH.