Zipato Dual Relay Scene IDs with official smartthings app only?

If understand correctly, using the configuration settings of zipato switches, I can have the switches send scene ids on single/double/triple press etc. Is it possible to act on these events using smartthings, without using some external controller like webcore? Just standard ST or smartapps.

And really at the end of the day - it would still be external (Cloud) based processing as the DTH would run in the cloud - not much differently than a webcore piston would :slight_smile:

I’m not sure that would work for this particular device, as it is using the Z wave local scene commandset. Not Z wave central scene commands. Consequently, the hub is not normally told when the scene is issued.

The device also supports Association, so you might be able to do something that way, but it’s all pretty complicated.

I don’t believe he is currently using the scene function at all, he is just looking at the user manual for the device and asking if it is possible with smartthings.

The device can be used, or at least could at one point, as a simple dual switch multi channel zwave device, Using the official multi channel smart app. But I know that Particular stock smart app had several problems last year, and to be honest I’m not sure whether it works right now or not. The OP has another question in another thread about stock smart app so I have been hoping that someone who knows the current situation can respond there.

But essentially this device has three different types of functionality:

As a two switch multi channel device With basic (that’s a Z wave term in this context) functionality

Through association

As a local zwave scene controller (In Z wave, “central scenes” and “scenes” are two completely different commandsets which work in different ways)

Also, I know you know this one, but for those who are unfamiliar, Z wave “scenes” are different than smartthings “scenes”.

So I don’t know if he has it working at all yet. But he could have it working just as on and off for the two switches without having the Z wave scene functionality working.

@erocm1231 or @Eric_Inovelli May know more about the current state of the official Smartthings zwave multi channel control smartapp.

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The multi-channel smart app is dead to me… ha, kidding, but not really kidding at the same time.

Back in April of 2016, we had an issue with the Multi-Channel SmartApp and actually reached out to @erocm1231 to help us develop a device handler that was eventually published by ST so we would no longer need the Multi-Channel SmartApp. Then, around June, I believe there was an email that came out that said the SmartApp was no longer supported (however, it does still show up within the ST app).

Hope this helps!

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Is there an official recommendation now for how to install and use a multi endpoint Z wave device that uses the multichannel commandsets?

@Eric_Inovelli has pointed out upthread that it appears that support for the previous official smart app was withdrawn back in 2016, but there’s no alternative listed.

Is the expectation that someone will just write a custom device type handler for each new device using the parent/child paradigm now?

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