Zipato device


I want to change my Vera Hub with a new SmartThing but I need informations :

Zipato Pan is compatible ?
Fibaro rgbw compatible ?
Nest compatible ?


Hello Robin,

I decide this morning to purchase,
I hesitated long time because Vera is totally local.
I will put the Smartthings in primary and Vera in secondary just to keep a acces if I have issue with Internet (Emergency solution), I know this is not recommended because statues issue but Vera it’s use only if ST is down.

I hope I don’t need help to migrate but if I need I’m happy to have your help :smiley:

Thank you very much.

Zipato Blind Motor : Zipato ph-pan08

I find this in Zipato website

I connect Smartthing IDE to familiarize myself with the interface and understand script for device.
I follow one “step to step” for Fibaro fgs222, just the script because I wait my hub.
I have seen in a post Zipato Pan08 (Or Philio pan08 it’s the same device I think) is compatible but not find the step.

My Amazon order is done :slight_smile: and I wait now :rage:

I have forget one thing the Timezone, I live in Belgium and I hope Smartthings can update Timezone with mine, because I have this issue with Amazon Echo impossible to change, but here with routine I need good Sunset and Sunrise informations.