Zipato / Benext / Wintop RFID Mini Keypad

Just saw you posted on this thread too. For anyone else interested in this, I tried to propose a solution to this over here: Xfinity centralite 3400 in the UK?

Hi guys, How do you setup the “arm” and “home” automation. I cannot find the Lights & Switches -> Switch Changes Mode app in my smartthing app (iOS). Thanks!

Hello, newbie to ST here after coming over from Vera. So far a really nice experience!
I have a problem with this device though, I don’t see any tiles or the home/away status on the device in the app. I can only see an on/off icon and some schedule options for on/off.

I’ve set the device handler as the “type” on my keypad device in ICE and I can see all the settings regarding master code, date and so on in the phone app but not the slots for associating tags/codes on the device main page.

Does it only work in the classic app maybe? Thankful for suggestions.