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Zipato / Benext / Wintop RFID Mini Keypad

For some reason I don’t manage to use the “learn” feature.

I press home, enter my master password, press home again, enter a new password (different from the master) and quickly press one of the empty “learn” slots.

Nothing happens. That slot remains with the orange “learn” label.

What I’m doing wrong? Is there a specific speed at which I need to press the keys? Any pauses have to be made? I assume this is the culprit, but can’t find any concrete instructions in the zipato manual or this thread.

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@seanblanchfield is there anyway of recognising just when buttons have been pressed or a tag presented? I want to know if someone tries to set the keypad when it’s already in the required state. E.g. if someone presses ‘home’ to disarm it, play a message telling them it’s already disarmed?

I have a glass door and would love to be able to read an NFC/RFID ring through it to trip my electric door strike.

I live on the ground floor and wouldn’t want to place electronics outsides for fear of theft. Anyone know if this solution might be adapted for my use case? Alternatively, are there other ST compatible readers that I might mount on the inside of my door which would suffice?

Thanks !

Sorry for the delay Ian. I don’t think this is possible. I don’t believe it sends any commands on the network until home/away is pressed followed by a code/tag.

@seanblanchfield I paired it and got the device installed. But all I see on the settings for the device is a giant “OFF” indicator and a refresh button. Nothing happens when I press either.

Any ideas?

Have you changed the keypad to the correct Device Handler?

If not you need to open the IDE and then select My Devices.
Click on your Keypad to open it’s details page.
Scroll to bottom of page and click the Edit button.
Then in the drop down box named ‘Type’ select ‘Z-Wave Zipato RFID Keypad’ then click Update button.

Hope that helps.

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Missed that step. Didn’t see it in the instructions. Works now.


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OK, so I am having some difficulty with it right now. I assigned a master code, and I went through the process of adding the tag. It didn’t seem to work correctly. But it does appear to be turn the switch on/off.

So, basically for all the user slots they show as "“Learn”. But I can use the tag to change from Home/Away.

What can I do at this point? Is there a factory reset procedure so I can just start over? It’s basically out of sync now…

I found getting the slots registered with a code or tag to be a bit difficult as well but once I’d mastered the technique for one slot the others were easy.

The instructions on the Preference page were the best to follow and if I remember correctly it was all about speed, you have to be very quick.

  • Press Home
  • Enter Master Code
  • Press Home
  • Tag or enter the code
  • Press Learn on empty slot.

One other thing I found was that the page didn’t always update and show the change and I had to leave the page and go back in to see the change reflected properly.

Good Luck

OK, got it. I had to remove and re-add the device, then the procedure seemed to work.

SO, two other things. I don’t see how to program a code exactly. The instructions appear to be the same, but when I press home, my code, then home again and wait for the light to stay red, I don’t get any beeps or anything when I enter numbers. What exactly is the process for that? And also what is the process for then using the code once it has been learned?

Also, in the settings I change the name of User 1 but it doesn’t reflect in the UI. It does appear to appear in the logs/notifications.

Again, thanks for the help!

I have just found the notes I made when I first set it up so maybe they will help you.
So assuming I can read my own writing this is what they say

To register a slot with a Tag
Press Home
Tap in MasterCode i.e 12341234 or whatever
Press Enter
Press Home
Scan Tag
Press Learn on unused slot.

To register a slot with a code
Press Home
Tap in MasterCode i.e 12341234 or whatever
Press Enter
Press Home
Tap in new code i.e 4321
Press Enter
Press Learn on unused slot.

To Forget a Slot
Press Home
Tap in MasterCode i.e 12341234 or whatever
Press Enter
Press Home
Press Forget on slot

To Arm with a registered Tag
Press Away
Scan Tag

To Disarm with a registered Tag
Press Home
Scan Tag

To Arm with a code
Press Away
Tap in code i.e 4321
Press Enter

To Disarm with a code
Press Home
Tap in code
Press Enter.

Also the user name only changes when the slot is first used or if you have already entered a name in Preferences screen then it changes as the slot in learnt.

Good Luck. I am glad now I kept the notes.

That was it, missing the use of the Enter Button (wasn’t in the instructions).

Also, is there some reason why changing the name only takes affect after some specific sequence of events? I guess I could re-learn my slots now for them to be visable. Slight pain…

So, I remove and reinstalled the device (so I could basically start over). I did the following:

Change Device Type

  1. Set Master code
  2. set master timeout
  3. change name of user 1
  4. change name of user 2
  5. do tag learning for user 1 slot

The slot was basically stuck on “Learning”. I eventually backed out of it. Again, the tag was learned, but the slot still shows empty. Same thing when a code was learned as well.

seems finicky? Once I get a slot into that state anything I can do other than re-set the entire device and just try again?

Try using the slot to Arm or Disarm. Does the Last set to Home/Away by username tile update correctly? I’m sure I remember the slot labels updated once the slot was used.

Failing that you can try
Home (I think)
then hit the Refresh button in the app and it should reload the configuration from the device.

It;s a while ago I last did any of this so I’m working from memory,

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OK, the trick to reload the config helped. thanks! I think I got it the way I want. Appreciate the assist.

Anyone bought any additional RFID tags? Curious what you bought and how well they work (I would think any would work, but not entirely sure).

What is the range of the rfid tags?

Thinking about getting tag reader and using tags for two small dogs [ shi tsu and a poodle ] to frankenstein petsafe smartdoor (small dog version).

The version that has all of this integrated is the large version which is discontinued.

they are RFID tags, so they basically need to touch. Plus your dogs would have to know how to also press buttons… So… There’s that…

This is great, but is there a technical reason why battery level isn’t shown in the app? That would be a super useful feature!

What battery life are folks getting with the switch? I assume folks have had one long enough to have to change the batteries…

Thanks in advance!

I’m looking for extra tags I found some on Zipato website but those are white and I would prefer black,