zigbeePowerLevel and zwavepowerlevel what are they?

In IDE under “My Hubs” I see zigbeePowerLevel: and Zwavepowerlevel: What are they? Moving the hub around the house doesn’t seem to change the level of those 2. I have zigbeePowerLevel: -2 and zwavePowerLevel:0.

@slagle ? @jim? @Dianoga ?

Is there an explanation of the hub values in the IDE anywhere?

radio antenna power levels, I wouldn’t mess with them.


Thanks @urman. -2 zigbee is a good level? There is no option to mess with it.

Yes that’s what should be.

Interesting. I have a very different value. (I don’t have any issues with my 2 zigbee lightbulbs, though, so I’m not concerned.)

Anyone know any more on this? I had issues trying to get GE Link bulbs connected and thought the “ZigbeePowerLevel” maybe was an indicator of some sort to use in troubleshooting. Mine is at -6. I ended up returning the GE Link and using CREE Connected bulbs instead which worked for me.

I contacted ST Tech Support and never really got an answer, they don’t seem to know what it is. THeir latest response was:

“I am very sorry with how long it’s taken to get back to you. The reality is we’ve been slammed with support requests and we’re working as hard as we can to catch up. I am very sorry for the trouble but I will do everything I can to get you taken care of.
Unfortunately, no definitive answers on the power level of the Hub - the “best guess” i can get from my colleagues and I is that it’s related to the ZigBee Channel that the Hub decides is best for the given wireless environment.”