Zigbee ZCL implementation - Basic Cluster

I’m developing a Zigbee Hue lamp with XBee and Arduino. Everything works fine, but I noticed that if I do not implement the Manufacturer Name at Basic Cluster the device does not appears at list when adding new things.

Looking at ZCL specification I noticed that this attribute is optional. ST should not requires it to add a new thing.

But, once implemented everything works fine.

I belive this is a bug at current ST version.

Otávio Ribeiro

The manufacturer is usually needed so that SmartThings can automatically attach the correct Device Type Handler; otherwise device signatures would likely overlap for many “lamps”.

However, I seem to recall using a signature without a Manufacturer data and it was indeed recognized and added based on the matching DTH in my Account. But perhaps the manufacturer was still sent by the device but just not shown? SmartThings doesn’t have much ZigBee debugging…

I’m curious to see if your observation is confirmed.

@tgauchat is right that supporting manufacturer and model can help identify the correct dth. That being said the device should still be discovered if manufacturer and model are not implemented as long as the Read Attribute requests get a response with the Unsupported Attribute status.

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Tom, thanks,

I was returning Failure and not Unsupported Attribute. My mistaken.

Another question. Why ST did not perform an Attribute Discovery in order to query which attributes are implemented by the device?

Otávio Ribeiro

We probably could have but I don’t think it would decrease the number of messages required for identification of most devices. That’s because the majority of devices seem to implement at least Manufacturer and Model and typically Application Version as well.