ZigBee wall outlet receptacle


I ended up using a few of these. Really happy with the range. Bonus that they also have a z-wave repeater built in. Cons are it’s not an in wall ZigBee unit like an outlet receptacle or switch I was hoping for and they are kinda bulky, but they work great.

I had the same question as the OP, and I just found this:

Press Release: Smartenit Delivers First In-Wall Energy Metering Smart Outlet for ZigBee Controllers
Product: Energy Metering Smart Outlet (ZBMSKT1 - Model # 4035A)

The only reference I can find to it in the entire forum is here:

But that post (and the associated DTH) is quite dated, and there is no feedback on it or whether it was fully completed.

Does anyone have any experience with this outlet?

Answering my own question here: I heard back from SmartenIt Support, who confirmed their support for Samsung SmartThings.

Their KB article: https://smartenit.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/13000024568-how-to-integrate-smartenit-devices-with-smartthings
Their GitHub Repo: https://github.com/thewall7/st-devicehandlers/tree/master/devicetypes/smartenit

CC: @Scott_Barton

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Installing the ZBMSKT1 was easy peasy. I had completely forgotten that I linked my IDE to their github repo and downloaded the DTH code on the same day I ordered the device, so that when I finally got around actually installing it two weeks later, I was a little caught off guard that the new outlet was instantly discovered and automatically assigned to the right DTH just by using the “Add a Thing” button in the mobile app. Now only time will tell if it actually does what I bought it to do — enhance the reliability of the woefully unreliable Samsung Arrival Sensor by extending my ZigBee mesh closer to the front door.

P.S. They included a coupon with a promo code in my package — use “SAVE5” at checkout to get 5% off.

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just curious on how the outlet is working and all the features zigbee repeater, power consumption reporting etc.
kinda pricing so hoping to get some good feed back before purchasing.
the link above for integration and dh is what i should use?


It’s difficult for me to give a thorough review since I’ve stopped using it for it’s intended purpose, and even when I did use it, it was paired with the infamously unreliable Samsung Arrival Sensor. That said, I have no complaints whatsoever about the outlet, and I place 100% of the blame on Samsung for producing such a defective Arrival Sensor (I’ve tried two of them… they both fail after a couple of weeks). All of that said, I do suspect that the outlet helped repeat the signal, and again I’ve never had any issues with the outlet itself, so I give it two thumbs up.

Here’s a screenshot from the DTH—which is the one linked above.