Zigbee Vents (Keen Home): pre-order now with 10% savings for your multi-zoned heating/cooling solution

Update the new vent was joined with no issues. I thought it may be SmartThings handler that was at fault, but is not. Still waiting for Keen support to respond…

Is this still valid? I need 3 of these to control my Day Room. That room is sucking all of my money out of my pockets!

I have ST, 2 Iris Contact Sensors on both sets of Double Doors, GE Fan Control for Ceiling Fan and Ecobee3 with Remote sensor in the Room.

Typically the room is Way hotter than the rest of the house while the Sun is up in the Summer and somewhat cooler at night and somewhat warmer in the while the Sun is up in the Winter and Way cooler at night!

So when the Doors are opened, depending on the time of day, it has a dramatic affect on the temp of the adjacent room (Den).

I would like for the vents to either close or open according to the temperature. And if the Doors are opened, in the Summer, I would like for the AC to stop Cooling during the Day. In the Winter, I would like for the vents to close if the doors are opened during the Day and open during night according to temperature.

I would like to combine this with the Fan as well if that will help circulate the warm or cool air into the Den based on if the doors are opened…

Sounds like a nightmare but this is what I have dreamed of. Would love to have controllable shades as well but man its 16 windows in there!