Zigbee Smoke Detector ZSDR-850 - Trust.com

I have paired the trust smoke detector ZSDR-850 with hubv3. The connection is not stable. I have used the Heimantech smoke detector code. I am looking for the code (fingerprint??) for the trust ZSDR-850.

Can anybody help me?



What do you mean the connection is not stable? That sounds like an interference/range issue based upon your post.

Is the nae of the DTH code you’re using called “Zigbee Smoke Sensor”?

Smoke detector disconnected after 2 minutes.
The name of the DTH code is: Heimantech Zigbee Smoke Detector

How far from the hub or anotherb zigbee repeater is the smoke detector?

I’d also try ST’s default dth.

2 meters from the hub