Zigbee Siren

Hi all,
I’m looking for a zigbee compatible siren for my smart things for my hub to act as an internal alarm/siren. (I can’t use z-wave as the frequency isn’t allowed here).
The best option I can find is this one but not sure if it would work with smart things and what I’d need to do to set it up.
Any thoughts on this one or alternatives.
Thanks in advance

That listing on AliExpress is a little confusing. It mentions both zigbe HA 1.2 and z-wave 868 MHz. The device probably doesn’t support both, there may be different versions of it, but there doesn’t seem to be an obvious way on the product page to select one.

Are you in New Zealand?

Yes, In New Zealand, hence the restriction on the z-wave.

There are other similar listing on Aliexpress https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Smart-home-zigbee-siren-used-in-home-automation-security-and-fire-alarm-system/3080083_32829726450.html but looking for a siren/bell box to trigger if I’m away and the sensor trip.
Not sure what really feasible

It seems like z-wave sirens are more common than zigbee, for whatever reason.

It’s possible that a zigbee siren could work with ST without any additional work. But it’s also possible that a custom device handler would need to be written. It probably depends on the exact device.

This thread seems relevant:

You could use either ST_Anything or Konnected to add any generic (dumb) siren to your system as a output if you want more of a DIY approach. Otherwise you could even just use a standard zigbee switch/relay/plug along with a plug in 120v siren.

I am in a similar boat @Kiwi15 (live in Australia)

Did you have any luck?


Haven’t done anything but thinking of getting an Arlo pro base station with 3 cameras.
Could then see what tripped any alarms and the base station has a siren.
They operate over wifi and are believe they are officially supported.Plus they have a battery backup.
See the are available at Noel Leeming or reconditioned units from Amazon US.