Zigbee sensor used as tracker/presense sensor (AU)

Hey guys,

Had an idea for a Zigbee sensor that would set away mode whenever it loses conecctions to the hub.

I know Samsung sell something like this for 6 billion dollers, but is anyone using a DIY solution?


The Samsung SmartThings arrival sensor sells for $20 on Amazon, And it is uniquely processed by smartthings.

There isn’t anything that can do something when it goes out of range because, well, it’s out of range.

So instead, you have to have a polling automation That marks it as “away” when it hasn’t been reachable for some fixed period of time. That’s how smartThings does it with their arrival sensor.

If you want to create your own device to do something similar, you can use anything at all that has a regular check in And then mark it as absent once it misses a couple of check ins. But you’re going to run into all the same issues that you run into with the official arrival sensor. But, sure, there are other options.

See The community FAQ:

FAQ: The Many Ways of Detecting Presence

Thanks mate!

Thats the kind of thing Im looking for, but cant get them in AU unfortunately :frowning:

Or I should say they dont ship here, hence why im looking to see if anyone else has used another type of sensor for the same funtion.

If you limit yourself to zigbee presence detection you wont have a lot of options, but if youre open to other possibilities start here:

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Thats for that, Ill give it a read :slight_smile: