Zigbee repeater needed after moving my hub

It’s always been there, I think the presentation just used to look a little different.

The presence sensor always does exactly the same thing, whether it can reach the hub or not. All it does is send a check in message every 30 seconds. It doesn’t wait for a response. It doesn’t care whether it’s in range or out of range. It just send that message every 30 seconds.

It’s the SmartThings cloud that decides what to do about a missing check in. And all it does is mark the sensor as being “away” if it has missed a certain number of check ins in a row. The minimum that can be sent to is one minute (two check ins). That number can be set higher if there’s a problem with the device being marked as a way when it was actually physically present.

For example if there’s a lot of Wi-Fi interference in the Home, a couple of check-in’s might be missed from time to time, so setting the evaluation period to longer would help avoid changing the sensor status inappropriately.

OK sounds reasonable, thanks for the excellent explaination.

However I don’t understand how I can have an away and return in my log with the exact same time based on this description. NOTE: 4:40 PM left and arrived at the same time.

Left 5:00
Arrived 5:01
This is a false set of messages, maybe I should increase to 2min.

Left 4:40
Arrived 4:40
How is this possible if the wait is 1 min ? Makes me think there is a bug on ST side.

Left 4:26
Arrived 4:31
This is a false set of messages, but too far apart 5min to fix because then I would have to wait 6 min for every presence action.

I have plantlink that uses zigbee one is out of range can I use a smart hung plug as a repeater or do I have to have a hub also?

I’m sorry, I’m not understanding the question. Are you saying that you already have a SmartThings hub and the plantlink is already part of your SmartThings network but it’s just somewhat out of range of the nearest zigbee repeaters? In that case, any zigbee repeater which is also on your network should work fine. These are typically pocket sockets, light switches, or relays. Some lightbulbs can also be used if they connect directly to the hub.

Note that after you add the repeater device, you have to heal the network or the new repeater will be ignored by the other devices. For zigbee this is easy. Just unplug the hub (and take out the batteries) and leave it off power for at least 15 minutes. When you plug it back in, all of the end devices will rebuild their neighbor tables. So they will include the new repeater device if it is within range. It can take a day before all of this updating gets done, but you should see improvement after that.

If you do not already have a SmartThings hub, then that’s a very different situation.

Signee Light bulbs are not repeaters, they are mesh members but don’t repeat. I don’t know the concise science but SmartThings tech support said that within the Zigbee protocol there are controllers, repeaters and members. I sell Aruba and Fortinet hardware and services and repeaters are similar, but not the same.

What I learned is whilst zigbee members form a mesh and extend the network, light bulbs don’t repeat the network, they use s different set of protocols within the Zigbed protocol. So for me I need to extend my network from my home to my detached garage 45 meters away. By installing a repeater in the middle it takes the signal from the controller and rebroadcasts it from the repeater, so now the repeater between my home can talk to the garage.



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