Zigbee Question--will my arrival sensor interfere with my workplace network?

(Austin Pritchett) #1

I just purchased a SmartThings Arrival Sensor. It’s going good so far, but one question did arise.

The place I work at has a large ZigBee infrastructure, used for Temperature monitoring. Could my Arrival Sensor interfere with the store’s ZigBee network? Could/Does their network have any interference with my device (battery)?


Very unlikely. You can run multiple Zigbee networks in the same area and they’ll basically ignore each other. For example, you could have an apartment building and everyone have their own SmartThings installation and it’s all likely to run fine.

For that matter many people on this forum have four Zigbee networks in their own home without realizing it: one for SmartThings, one for Hue, one for their settop cable box, and one for their utility smart meter.

The SmartThings arrival sensor is not using boosted Zigbee and it’s very likely that a commercial network like your workplace has channel hopping so I wouldn’t expect any problem.

As far as their network causing your device’s battery to run down sooner, not a problem.