Zigbee Pro/Philips Occuswitch Wireless integration

So i have a cool product in my house called Occuswitch Wireless. It is a philips product. http://www.usa.lighting.philips.com/connect/occuswitch/ It consists of a linkable wireless sensor that runs on a lithium battery and a wall switch or dimmer.

I am really interested in figuring out how to integrate this into my smartthings system. I will admit i am new to integrating hardware with smart things. I am not sure how to do it. I do know that it operates off of Zigbee Pro 2.4ghz. Which if i understand what i have read on the community boards the smartthings hub doesn’t natively support. I will also say that i know little about zigbee and i am eager to learn.


I have looked at trying to do an arduino integration. I have an uno and smartthings shield. Also was a spark backer so i have a spark core laying around. Any suggestions or any one up to the challenge let me know.

Thanks in advance and look forward to the replies.

An update to this is that the Occuswitch Wireless hardware uses a TI CC2531 Chip for the zigbee communication.

Have you tried pairing it? ZigBee pro is a spec and the hub currently uses ZigBee HA which is a profile on pro. Not all profiles are created equally, but there can be some overlap in-between them.

SmartThings supports the ZigBee Home Automation profile that is built on top of the ZigBee Pro spec. Do you have a link to a technical specs document for your Occuswitch Wireless. We need to know if it supports the Home Automation profile and if it does what clusters are supported. Once we know that I would be we can make it work.

So an update. Turns out that it is very proprietary in their setup. I did try to ping it and nada.