Zigbee presence sensors dropping off of network and opening yale door lock

Can somebody come up with a piston (or other solution) to stop the zwave door lock opening, say, between 11:00pm and 6:00am

It would be nice if the presence sensors were reliable but for me they are just not…


I wonder if you are putting these on keychains and carrying them around. I can imagine that being unreliable.

When I put the presence sensors in the cars, and power them by the car battery, and put a zigbee repeater in the garage, and set 7-minute-departure-timeout/delay, then I don’t get any false departures for the past couple years. It’s a lot of “and” conditions to implement, but it has worked for me.

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Well what smart app causes the lock to open now? If you’re using CoRE now…

You can write a CoRE piston that opens the lock when your presence sensor arrives and stays for 1 minute, and you can tell this piston to only work between certain hours of the day. You can also tell it to only work in “location away” mode, but you’ll have to keep the location mode flag correct.

Seven minutes? That’s an eternity. If they can’t be detected in a 7 minute window then that would be pretty bad.

I agree 7 minutes is not optimal, but I do not expect optimal performance. I started with 1,2,3 minutes and incremented until the false departures completely stopped. That was my goal. Anything I do that uses wireless, has to be implemented with the best reliability and redundancy that I can muster with the least of my attention and maintenance - so it isn’t necessarily quick or efficient.

So door locks are proscribed from my system.

Can’t argue with that!

That sounds like it might be a good solution.

I’ve still got to stop the presence sensor dropping off of the network every few minutes.
Its OK for ages then starts playing up…

Yeah the intermittent nature of these failures is extremely frustrating and makes it very hard to diagnose.

Do you have a cell phone you carry? You could use the cell as a presence sensor and the zigbee presence sensor and set up your pistons to require both of them to be present or absent. That might reduce the mistakes where it thinks you left, but of course it may also fail to know when you really did leave more often.

I’m hoping the threatened hub update with new zigbee firmware might make a difference :wink:
Also I might be able to update the firmware in the devices as they are all smartthings own…

Let us know, many people are probably wondering.

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