Zigbee OTA updates - Why defaulted to "OTA: enabled for all non-light devices"?

Was poking around and noticed my Hub’s Zigbee OTA setting is:

OTA: enabled for all non-light devices

I figured that I wanted to enable all Zigbee OTA updates, including lights (I still have one Cree bulb that I’m using) and so went to Utilities and selected “Allow OTA for lights” which enabled OTA for everything including lights (I know, poor wording for the option, isn’t it).

Anyway, I looked for info on why the default was set to exclude lights (I didn’t change it, not so far as I remember) and I didn’t find anything. I understand that this setting won’t affect my Hue lights since they are on another Zigbee network and the Hue app manages their updates.

So any reasons not to enable Zigbee OTA for lights?

Because sometimes an ota update turns the light on


Ah, OK, funny, but I guess that makes sense. Since the only non-Hue light I have is in the family room, not really an issue. Thanks for the info.


This is exactly right. Most devices will automatically check for updates periodically and we are trying to prevent your lights turning on by themselves at a potentially inopportune time like the middle of the night. When you click Allow OTA for lights it shows a little popup informing you the lights will turn on after the update so hopefully it won’t be a surprise.