Zigbee or Wifi Skylight?

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Hi All,

I’m going to be installing some skylights in my house over the next 6 months.

I’ve seen a few discussions here on zwave skylights but not zigbee…

i’m assuming my only option would be to get a motorised skylight and connect it up to a curtain controller (that is zigbee)?

My only concern then is voltage as I’m in Aus…

In the US it seems you can go to homedepot and buy a zwave skylight - very cool! you guys are so lucky to have everything available there! ha.


Rollertrol has a WiFi controller kit.


As they note, there can be a significant danger in these because they close with a lot of force. You need to be sure that there won’t be any people or pets caught when it’s closing.

You might be able to rig a Zigbee controller to one of their other kits, but I don’t know of one offhand.

(Joel) #3

that will work nicely… then i’ll just need to look at shades or something… or even use this to block light perhaps… difficult as it will be on the roof

looks like that controller will work with ST’s though?

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looks like ShadeSlider is all I need (no need to open the skylight) but not sure if it’s actually zigbee/wifi - just says radio controlled.

have contacted them to confirm. pretty cool!



It’s neither Zigbee nor wifi: the shade slider uses a 433 frequency radio. They sell handheld remotes and switches that work on that frequency. Alternatively they sell the RFXCOM RFXTRX433E transceiver, which is compatible with a number of laptop-based home automation software systems via a dongle connection. It can also work with Vera.

So with the shades, you can have 433 control via a 433 switch/handheld remote in the home, but no direct integration with SmartThings and no way to schedule it or trigger it from other devices.

If you add another home automation system like vera or indigo, you could control the shades from that, but you’d also have to buy the transceiver and again, no direct integration with SmartThings.

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hmm that sucks!! thanks for the response mate.