Zigbee not functional

After upgrading my router to Google wifi, I reset my hub and now zigbee won’t work. Shows on IDE as “not functional”. I’ve tried resetting multiple times and various hubs with no success. Can anyone help? Is there some setting on the Google router that needs set?

Contact ST support and let them investigate. In the ST app, go to Menu > Contact us to find the contact methods available in your region.

Which ST hub do you have?

Have you tried power cycling the hub (remove the batteries if it is a v2)

I have several connect home and connect home pro hubs and can’t get any to work. I have power cycled and factory reset. Support has been entirely unhelpful so far.

If you’re now using Google Wifi for your wifi router i’d switch to a normal Aeotec SmartThings hub instead of continuing to use the Connect Home. Using another wifi mesh system behind your google wifi will only cause issues and I don’t think you can disable to wifi portion of connect home.

I was able to turn off wifi. I’m trying to use it only as a hub.

Using it this way works perfectly for z wave but just can’t get zigbee to work.

Have also tried changing zigbee channels but it doesn’t work when submitted.

Looks like my firmware is outdated. How do I force an update?

What version do you have? If rebooting the hub does not force it to update, you would need to contact ST support.

Sorry, your images are not showing for me.

Just a reminder that the connect hubs are a few versions lower than the v2/v3 hubs.

I have both Connect Home Pro and Connect Home devices. I’ve contacted ST support with no luck so far.

firmware version 000.038.00011

Controller version 2.2.15-4