Zigbee Micro Remote dimmer switch- RGBGenie ZB-5122

Got a few of them, they show up as “thing”. I tried to change to Aeon Minimote device handler no dice.

Should I test all the “button” device handlers in hopes one will click?

The minimote is a Z wave device, the one you bought is Zigbee, so that’s never going to work. Not only do they not speak the same language they don’t even communicate on the same frequency so any messages sent by that DTH would never even get to the RGB genie. :disappointed_relieved:

That said, Hubitat (a competing hub) has this device working, so I would think it’s possible, but it may require new custom code. It’s not going to be an exact match to anything else since it includes a scene button.

Sounds like I’m SOL until someone creates a DTH for this “thing”. =(

My experience in DTH programming field is lackluster.