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I was wondering if anyone would have a device type or know of an existing device type for a zigbee keyfob? I just received one with my Almond+ router and would like to use it with SmartThings. I may also need one for the motion detectors if there isn’t already one. Any help would be appreciated!


Try the smartsense presence sensor code from the IDE.

Might work, no promises though.

Is this the new model with the built in ZigBee HA coordinator? I cant wait to get my hands on one!! Does the hub work with SmartThings??? Or are you moving the ZigBee devices over to the SmartThings hub? Please share your experience!!

Thanks Tim. I’ll give that a shot…at least it would be a starting point if it sort of works, though I haven’t written any device types before.

John- I’ve been running the router for a few weeks now. Range on it is excellent and speed is amazing! I’ve got 2 MacBook pro’s that have wireless AC cards in them and it is VERY fast! Only complaint is that they are very behind on the firmware. They finally released a new version last week that fixed a LOT of bugs. Needless to say, they are slowly making progress. It doesn’t appear that they will work with SmartThings, at least not initially, so I’m keeping the home automation separate for now which is why I would like to use the motion sensors and key fob with ST. Let me know if you have any other questions about it!

Thanks for the update!! Do you know what they are going to use for their Home Automation software? I was reading about some open source stuff (wasn’t impressed) but didn’t see anyone from Almond confirm the rumor.

Tell me more about the key fob is their a link or a spec sheet I can take a look at? I may be able to hack together a custom device type for you to try.

I am not sure what they plan to use…

Here is a link to their wiki with some of the specs. http://wiki.securifi.com/index.php?title=Securifi_SZ-KFB01

This is the motion sensor: http://wiki.securifi.com/index.php?title=Securifi_SZ-PIR02

I just got my Almond+ as well. I ordered the Keyfob and a Motion sensor too. Please reply if you find a way to connect to your SmartThings setup.

I will do the same when I get the chance to play around with mine.

Sounds good. Thanks for the response!

Very cool! They said the magic words supports ZigBee HA so we should be able to get it to work with SmartThings. But I still need more information. Did it come with any documentation. I need a list of end points and clusters it supports.

Do you know if I can order just the KeyFob? I cant even find a picture of it??

Once I get it I should be able to query it for the information I need to create a device type.

The information in that wiki is the same with the doc that it came with. I have it paired to SmartThings…anything I can get for you that would help? Let me know!

Jeff, without the specs we are kind of stuck. It is a good sign that the device joined the network and I would have expected it to. I have written a ZigBee windows utility that allows me to query ZigBee devices after they join the network and instruct them to report their capabilities. That is how I create custom device types without documentation. Without the specs or physically having the device connected to my network I cant create a custom device type.

I would like to buy one of these fobs so if you know where I can get one I would be happy to order one. Is this Almond router available to the general public? Last I looked it wasn’t.

Not yet, but they are taking pre-orders. I’ll try and find out about the sensors, etc.

I’m chiming in here with a request for support for their Door/Windows Sensor as well - SZ-DWS02…it pairs as a “Thing” but none of the Contact Sensor drivers work for it.

On the plus side, the On/Off Outlets with Power Meter that they are selling appear to work fine as a Centralite plug module.

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Well, made a little bit of progress. Sounds like Securifi will be selling the sensors on an Amazon store in a few months. The other progress I made is that they are getting their sensors from a company called Sercomm. I’m doing some googling now to try and find some documentation on both the keyfob and the motion sensor. Will let you know if I find something.


Well, I found one doc! Hoping this helps… http://nycecontrol.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/NYCE-Control-ZigBee-Device-Messaging-Specification-r1.21-2013-04-24.pdf

I think this is for the keyfob…but not positive.

Let me know! I’ll keep digging.

It helps! According to the documentation the keyfob implements the IAS Zone Cluster server and IAS ACE Cluster client on Endpoint 1 this is not what I was wanting to see. I was hoping for the on/off switch cluster at an unique endpoint for each button on your keyfob that would have made it so simple!!

I have not done any work with the IAS Zone Cluster (Section 8.2 on page 350 of the ZigBee Cluster Library) and will need to bone up. I may have bitten off more than I can chew with this one. Maybe one of the other hardcore ZigBee guys on this forum can run with it from here!

summoning @urman, the most hardcorest of the hardcore

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Thanks Tyler! Much appreciated. I bet he will know!

I would like to second this request. I got the sensor with my Almond +, but I much prefer the SmatThings hub for my home automation

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You can enroll a device into the IAS Zone by using:

"zcl global write 0x500 0x10 0xf0 {${zigbeeId}}", "delay 200",
"send 0x${device.deviceNetworkId} 1 1", "delay 1500",

edit, I had this typed in but never clicked send!