Zigbee gas detector for kitchen

I’m debating buying one of these for my garage, where the gas furnace and water heater are located. Are you guys pleased with them?

It looks like the sensor you listed only works with that companies zigbee module, not with any other system.

Thanks Ben, Ive repurposed IRIS before for ST, I am hoping that the new device handler by @jrhbcn should be able to control this? Not sure, but will try.

The issue is that the device doesn’t seem to be Zigbee HA 1.2 compatible. Zigbee has many different profiles but SmartThings can only speak to Zigbee HA devices.


Thanks…from the pictures it seemed like the Homi device and this were identical. Don’t know why the internals would be different. But good to note. Ill check when it comes in.

There are many devices that use the same external casing but have different radios inside. For example, you can get a Schlage lock with either a zigbee radio module or a zwave radio module. So that’s quite common. You can never go just by how it looks on the outside.

Zigbee is even more complicated because of the use of multiple profiles.

Many manufacturers choose to use a proprietary profile so that they can add features or security encryption which is not in the base standard. For example, in the US it is quite common to see zigbee sensors sold in two versions, one for control 4 and one for ZHA , where the only difference is the encryption used. :sunglasses:

@JDRoberts, @blebson,
Thanks for the discussion. I received this yesterday. Just as an FYI Smartthings picked it up just fine with the device handler. I even tested it. @jrhbcn your code worked for this. I still need to update it to say gas instead of smoke ( i think the earlier code is the version i have) Here is a snapshot…

Thanks all!

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Great find then, be sure to answer the question on the amazon page asking if it works with SmartThings!

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Darn it - out of stock on Amazon. I’d really like one of these in my garage to monitor the gas lines.

EU plug but 100v so all you need is cheap adapter

It seems aliexpress is carrying the USA plug type now. Ping them

Just received mine from AliExpress and have it working with the above DTH.
So thanks @jrhbcn

Installation was easy.

  1. Installed Device Handler

  2. Plugged Gas detctor in to mains outlet. It started cycling the front LED green - yellow - red

  3. Went to SmartThings App and ‘Add a Thing’ and it found it straight away. Homi Gas Detector.

  4. The front LED was still cycling green - yellow - red so I used the Pin provided in the box and pressed the Network Hole on the side for 3 seconds and the LED stopped cycling and stayed Green.

I then prressed the Test Button on the Unit and the Alarm sounded and SmartThings reacted correctly.

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I also have the same gas detector running fine and same observations as inpier…just so you know it will cycle red-green-yellow when starting up and can do that for up to 3 minutes as directions state, just let it do so it is a self test of sorts.

@vilayanur, where in the code did you change smoke to gas?

Originally I changed line 124 and line 152. But I didnt seem to get consistent results so I went back to the original code. I am not a coder, I am guessing that @jrhbcn probably would know better.


Definitely interested in getting one of these. Anyone have a link for the U.S model?

Smart Combustible Gas Sensor https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01G53EZCO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_xq30ybYFENSWC

But double check it because it says it only works with linker module.

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This will work fine with @jrhbcn’s code… I have 2 of them

Just ordered from AliExpress, what is the latest device handler?

The one in this thread (Homi) works well