Zigbee Garage Door opener MatSee Plus, Tuya, PJ-ZGD01


I sometimes check if certain types of devices have appeared on the market with a Zigbee protocol that previously didn’t exist.

One of these devices is a Tuya Zigbee Garage Door Opener with model no. PJ-ZGD01. Namely, there are a lot of wifi or Zwave garage door openers on the market but recently I finally found a Zigbee one (linked below). Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how to get it working with smartthings.

Smartthings hub recognizes this device and turns it into a thing without a proper device handler associated with it.

I have tried different handlers like:

  • Garage Door Set
  • intel Switch
  • lock capability
  • MyQ Device
  • NYCE Open/Closed Sensor
  • SAMI Open Shades
  • Samsung OCF Smart Plug
  • Simulated Garage Door Opener
  • SmartSense Garage Door Multi
  • SmartSense Garage Door Sensor Button
  • ZigBee Lock
  • Zigbee Multi Switch
  • Zigbee Window Shade
  • Zigbee curtain

I couldn’t get any of them to trigger the relay not to mention read the magnetic sensor. I have searched the internet but to no avail.

Any ideas on how to get this working without getting an extra hub and routing it through other proprietary apps?

Thank you all!

Tuya Smart Life ZigBee Garage Door Opener Controller Timer App Monitor Security Remote Control Supports Alexa Google Home


Do you have any update on that? I’m thinking on buying it…


Haven’t got it working with Smartthings. Bought a tuya Zigbee hub but it has an issue when I ask google assistant to close it triggers even tho it’s closed even tho google assistant knows the status of the device.

Same as you, ordered one up (late January) and it just arrived.
I pairs quickly with the Smartthings hub showing up as a “Thing”.
Useless after that because afterwards the hub will only report “Can’t connect”.
Thought I could work around that by using either ‘Smart Life’ or "Tuya Smart’ app they suggest.
I’ve used those apps before so I felt confident.
Those apps ONLY support the garage door openers that also have WiFi.
Appears those apps can not add ANY zigbee device using the Smartthings hub.
(That would have been good to know before I ordered up from china.)
The zigbee vendors mangle the standard trying to force you into a hub ‘brand’ lock in.
I gave up and bought one of the wifi versions (e.g. meross) for $23.
Connected to SmartThings quickly.

just received mine and also failed to find a Device handler.
What about any new ST Driver developer, did you already try?


I’m not familiar with ST divers. It’s not something in able to do by myself but if there’s something you could point me towards to then I’m willing to follow any instructions and test it.

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In fact, I have almost no knowledge in this area either.
Recently when a company in china released an IR zigbee controller, we thought to look for a programmer in the DEV community and do a small crowdfunding among us users to develop such a driver with support here on the forum (perhaps even from samsung itself) maybe this is the way…
I believe that everyone here understands that the success and expansion of the platform will mainly come from these solutions with easy access, bringing the DEV world to Smartthings

What is your opinion @nayelyz ?

Tuya devices are very common among users, have you checked if there is a custom DTH published by a Community member?

Also, it would be great if we knew more details about the device to check the available options, you can check more information in the joining event in the IDE:

An important note is that you can reach out to Tuya’s support team to ask them if there are plans to add an official integration of these devices in SmartThings.

Hi, I bought such a module to control a garage door (Tuya ZigBee 3.0 drzwi garażowe czujnik bezprzewodowy otwieracz przełącznik kontrolera sterowanie przez Smart Life współpracuje z Google Home Echo Alexa|Switches| - AliExpress) but unfortunately it knocks and I could not run it in ST. I tested all available drivers and nothing seems to see it, but it is checking all the time, or it is, but the opening sensor does not work and the control itself opens, it shows a connection error with the server. I have already bought a few TUYA devices and all of them have been successfully activated so far.

Has anyone checked how the integration between TUYA and ST works? I am thinking of buying a separate TUYA gate but I would like to use the ST application.

Request for help.

Seems like there is a working driver for that by @w35l3y . More details here: