Zigbee fan and Alexa issues

Ok, so it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. I have 2 issues I’m dealing with. 1st is the zigbee fan upgrade. The one in my living room went offline. Finally spent some time today and got it back up and going with smartthings. However, I can’t get Alexa to recognize it again. What am I forgetting?
2nd, and I don’t think there’s any fix for this, but the Iris garage door opener I installed keeps going offline also. I’ve had to disconnect it and pull it down 3 times now to reinstall it. Any ideas, or is my signal just too weak out there? It’s only about 25’ from the smart thing hub, separated by one wall.
Any help is always appreciated. Thanks guys!

Did you have Alexa discover devices after you re-installed the fan switch? Should be all that is necessary.

As to the GDO maybe get a IRIS V2 smartplug they act as Z-wave repeaters, put it between the GDO and smarthub.

Ya, I tried discovering it a few times. It wouldn’t find it for some reason.

You would need to select them in the Amazon Echo smartApp again before doing the discovery. Unless you chose to “allow access to all devices” option.

Yup, that was the step I was missing. Thank you Stephan. :slight_smile: