Zigbee Discovery not triggering on Built-in TV Hub (April 2024)

There is no error. The device-search runs and nothing is discovered. I guess I could search for the new device for a shorter time-period to narrow the time-window?

How do I send the logs and what do you mean by “DM”? I don’t have access to any logs. All I can do is enable this checkbox:

No log-access for end-users is a source of great frustration.

What information was missing exactly? I suspect the zigbee-radio isn’t operating at all, which might explain the absence of the log-entries you need.

There is a newer firmware available, right? Is it still in beta?
Perhaps you could attempt to update it? Should give a solid hint if the hub is actually working.

Hi @annitya,

Thank you for your patience and for providing those details. I now have a better understanding of the situation. When the hub completes its search without finding any devices, it automatically stops searching.

Additionally, I want to acknowledge that you previously provided steps to obtain the hub logs. We appreciate your assistance and will ensure that we utilize this information effectively to resolve the issue.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. When you attempt to connect the device and about 2-3 minutes pass without a response, click the button to send the logs (Steps provided at the end of the reply). Reproduce the issue by attempting to connect the device.
  2. Generate the hub logs.
  3. Provide us with the exact timestamp when you encountered the issue.