Zigbee devices (bulbs, sensors, switches, outlets) randomly failing beginning March 2016

Yup, same thing many of us are having, and with not just Iris devices.

Please, please email support@smartthings.com because it’s very important that we continually report this to them.

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I am having this issue too. I disabled unsecure rejoin for zigbee around that time. Last night 2 zigbee devices just stopped working, battery pull fixed them. Found 3 or so more this morning, so I decided to allow unsecure rejoins and see if this resolved my issue.

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Just lost 2 motion sensors this AM. Iris. I found that if I go into the mobile app and tap connect new device then pull one end of the battery out, hold the reset button down, then pop the battery in , back out of pairing mode all works fine again.

I don’t think there is a problem with the device, They still respond to motion (light up) but no response from ST. I wish I had checked live logging to see if they were reporting. I’m soon I’ll get another chance all to soon.

Just made this comment in another thread. Think it may be a placebo effect, but seems to re-add the devices most the time.

I put an IRIS plug in the garage a couple of weeks ago, and my GE link bulbs have been solid ever since. Or a platform update (still on V1) did it coincidentally. Either way I am happy.


Seems the only Zigbee devices that are dropping out are associated with SmartLighting, My other are stable.

I’d been having real trouble with my zigbee sensors just not connecting. Like you, I was repeatedly resetting them only to have them lock up at random. I’d decided I would need to consider changing the system. After working with support the fix has been to move the hub far away from my router and use a wifi app to identify which wifi channel I could use away from the hubs zigbee channel. That did the trick and now I seem to have s very reliable system - at least until I do something else dumb to break it. I hadn’t realized how sensitive zigbee is to wireless interference - and the shirt cable provided with the hub lead me to think it would be ok just 4 or 5 feet away from the router, I have learned an important lesson.:wink:

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That is why I think I had so many issues with the A+, WiFi and ZB in the same device. When I moved to ST the hub is now in another room 20’ from my router plugged into a network switch. I have been having plenty of drops/freezes with Iris motion and outlets of late. 90% if the time pulling that battery out of motion fixes it ( for a while) or manually (via button on plug) on/off of the outlet a few times.

I’m having the same issue. To be frank I have only handful of zigbee devices, less than 10.
In last 3 weeks they failed 8 times. few times all zigbee devices and few times only few of them, but just dropping out of network.
I have to remove the device using IDE(since I don’t want to update all Smartapps instances) and re-add them.

I’m not sure why they are failing this often? Not sure if anything has changed in Hub/Software?

Do anyone else has the same issue?

Do you have any Osram bulbs connected directly to your ST hub?

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In fact I’ll be the person who has fewest devices connected to ST.
My ST only has contact sensors(z-wave/zigbee), motion sensor(z-wave/zigbee), dimmers(z-wave), Siren(Z-wave).

Just now I received notification that my one zigbee contact sensor hasn’t responded in 4.5 hours.
So one more failure, make it 9 in last 3 weeks.

If they truly drop off your network, is probably a range and or interference issue. Also, if they drop, clicking ‘Connect New Device’ and that should rejoin the device in its place without the need of deleting from ide. I have a lot of zigbee devices and I can count on one hand how many times I lost one in 2 years. They get stuck, but power cycling takes care of that.

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Range is not the issue, as they are hardly 20 feet away from Hub.

They may be ‘stuck’, I haven’t tried to just power cycle them, I remove them from IDE and then add again as new device.
But still even if it’s in the stuck state, don’t you think 9 times in 3 weeks is little more.

How can i check for interference? I have two wifi zones at home, 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz.

Here is a thread to get you started on channel interference

If that would happen to me, I would just call it the day and unplug the hub, honestly. It’s something in your home that eats up your mesh.

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Well the only new thing added to ST Mesh or even in my home is Centralite Zigbee kaypad, which is working awesome.
Even though it’s zigbee, it has never once dropped out, but remaining zigbee devices has.
I’ll try to see my AP channel and move it to 1 or 2… My hub uses channel 15.

I did changed my Wifi Channel to 1 yesterday night and till today noon everything is fine and still working( :slight_smile: )
I’ll keep posted if it works.

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Remind me to never invite you over for dinner. With ~150 devices I would bet I have 1 or 2 drop almost daily. Of course that is likely why it takes me so long to actually notice a real problem like my Hue integration dropping off, I just assume Iris PIR was stuck and power cycled it and went about my day or when I opened the bedroom door last night and instead on hallway wink bulb coming on at 10% it was already on at 75%. So without a thought I just yanked the chain to shut it off,turned it back on and continued down the hall. When I came back up the stairs,it came on at 10% as it should.

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It’s not working. Today I was working from home and kept doing power cycles… they work for an hour or so and then dies again…

Some of them even power cycle isn’t helping. when I remove and add battery, they started flashing all different colors LED, red,blue,green,etc.

I’m getting sick of this Zigbee issue.

Just to make sure - you’ve called support and had them look at the system from their end? They’ve been super helpful with me.

I also used a wifi analyzer to choose the channel I set - amazing how much wifi noise is out there - even in a neighborhood with houses quite spread apart. I found my Roku player and another media server overlapping.

I have to say my system is now super stable. It’s been a journey but over the past months it’s become more and more of a pleasure to add in a new device and automation and see it “just work”.

It’s most likely something with your set up - Carefully investigating will reward you I’m sure. Don’t give up!

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