Zigbee devices (bulbs, sensors, switches, outlets) randomly failing beginning March 2016

FWIW, I have an OSRAM Lightify on my kitchen door light, and it is enclosed in one of those glass dome covers. It has survived the MN summer, fall and winter. But keep in mind it is enclosed, so it never gets into contact with water or other elements.

Hue are not rated for use in a fully enclosed fixture ( they can overheat) but a lot of outdoor fixtures actually have a ventilation line to avoid misting up. :sunglasses:

I would think so, because I can still not figure out how in the world do all those bugs get inside that thing during the summer???:laughing:


Kind of like how do the cats get their toys in the light fixture at the top of the stair well… Dang 25 ft up in the air! ! !

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This is what I have:

Hi @cdmobile, why not use dumb LED’s and a zwave/zigbee switch in this scenario?

I did put in a zwave switch, so I can do that. But, all three lights are connected to the same switch. Two of the lights are off the garage by the cars, and the third one is by the front door. The way I have it set up now is that the two by the garage come on at sunset, off at dawn. The one at the door comes on when motion is detected. So they operate independantly of the switch, which is always on. The problem is the two by the garage are flakey, either because of distance/signal loss, or they are 1st gen GE Links. If it is distance, what reliable repeater would work?

If you want to control them individually, then yes, smart bulbs are the way to go. I do not see a problem with this enclosure, since it is made to protect regular bulbs, and since it is open, heat may not be an issue.
As for the repeater, you can either use another smart bulb in between to boost the signal, something like an OSRAM lightify, which I have and it indeed extends the Zigbee mesh. Or you could go with an outlet, like the ST Outlet, but it is pricier. If you can still find a Quirky Tapt in a Home Depot, Meijers or somewhere, they also extend the Zigbee mesh, and they pair to ST as a generic Zigbee switch. Those are the cheapest options I can think of right now. Oh, also the Iris smart Outlet, which may be cheaper.

Do you have a hue hub? I keep my GE links with Hue and never had a problem. I have exact the same set up. Have no repeaters for hue bulbs, they are on a different channel than ST, I have 45 bulbs in the house, not one bulb lost in a year. Oh and I cut the power to the bulbs every day…

Maybe this helps in not losing bulbs? I don’t know what the setups are for people that get constant smart bulbs dropping, but the strength of the Zigbee mesh might be an issue. Also, WiFi interference.

My ST mesh is much stronger and less exposed to channel interference, but I tried to add my GE bulbs because they run local and they were dropping like flies…:slight_smile: Not that I want to blame ST, but you tell me… :slight_smile:

Very interesting, indeed. Well, Tim did acknowledge that with this update going out today that there is a fix for the Cree bulbs dropping. Maybe it is the same issue affecting the GE? We can only speculate on this.

True, but…we need to keep in mind that GE link are not officially supported devices, so you can expect turbulences…:slight_smile:

Indeed. But we must never lose hope!

Hopefully, but we don’t know for sure. When I asked if yesterday’s update solved the Cree bulb situation (and all ZigBee devices), this is what he said:

Did you see somewhere else that today’s rollout fixes the rest of the problems?

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That is the one I was referring to. Haven’t seen anything else.

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I put a hue white in one of my outdoor fixtures. It is under my porch, but exposed to the “outside air/humidity”. It’s a $15 experiment.

I have about 6 cree bulbs, some connected some plain using zwave switch, I have not had any issues with life so far. They have been in fully enclosed outdoor fixtures for about 8 months now.

Good to know. The Cree’s have those air vents right? The hue’s dont, and my fixture has an opening on the bottom (like my picture above shows).

A bit late to the party here but I have had several Zigbee device issues over the last month. Mostly with Iris motion senors and Iris contact sensors. Motion sensors would just freeze showing motion and in other cases the sensors was responding but no ST response. Sometimes just resetting the device fixed things. Other times I had to remove and re-pair.
Prior to March these were my most reliable and quickest responding devices. Now, not so much.