Zigbee device won't report

Today I noticed that one of my zigbee temp sensors (it is a close open close sensor- lowes iris) stopped reporting temperature about 12 hours ago. When I push refresh, nothing happens. it’s as if it stopped reporting to the hub. What can I do to get this working again?

Thank you.

Try removing the battery and reinsert.


Sometimes removing the battery only fixes it for a short time. I would recommend also performing a reset on the device.

You do that by pressing and holding down the little button (just to the upper left of the battery compartment) while putting the battery back in AND running the inclusion process again in the phone app. When you do that, the inclusion process on the phone doesn’t return any type of message, so just back out of it.

On the device, you’ll notice the LED turns red, so as soon as it does, wait another second and stop pressing the button.

In the IDE, you’ll see device log entries about configuration, and then updates for each state eventually.

Also, do not do this with the magnet next to the sensor. If you do, you’ll get the rainbow of colors cycle through the device’s LED (demo mode). Just redo the reset process again without the magnet near by.

Lastly, email support@smartthings.com and let them know you had a zigbee device stop reporting and it required a reset. There are several people having odd zigbee issues, and the more ST knows about it, the better.

Take it out of the freezer. :smile: