Zigbee Color Bulb + Repeater?

I’m looking for a zigbee repeater to extend range to my (metal) mailbox contact sensor. I am also looking to install a color bulb on my front porch and am looking to kill two birds with one stone.

My understanding from my research is that many zigbee bulbs either don’t act as repeaters (or only for their own sub networks), or have firmware issues that make them unreliable (Sylvannia, etc.). It seems that Ikea’s tradfri bulbs are fairly reliable repeaters and I understand they just came out with a color bulb (which you unfortunately have to buy with the dimmer). It also seems you have to do some fairly complicated work with a custom DH to make them work with ST though.

Can anyone confirm what I’m hearing? Can the tradfri color bulb be relatively plug and play? I’m not totally unfamiliar with device handlers, but still new to ST and don’t want to get too in the weeds. Can anyone make a bulb recommendation?

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my Sylvania Smart+ work great.

Thanks. Anyone else have thoughts?

I too am looking for both 2700k and RGBW bulbs that are reliable repeaters. My Cree bulbs are starting to crap out. Was planning on replacing the white ones with the new SmartThings Zigbee 3 bulb, but seems to be backordered at Amazon and Samsung. Any other ideas?

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I ended up going with the IKEA bulbs. Seem to work well as repeater if you can stand a somewhat limited color pallate. Sort of pastel-y…

The Ikea color ones appear to be only 600 lumens. Do they come off as being super dim?

Yes- you’re right. They’re fine for my application (porch light), but I can see them being too dim for brightly lighting an interior.