Zigbee Child Device Help

My goal is to create a parent device (simulated) with two child sensors (Zigbee). I’ve read hours of online information, but I still do not understand how to associate the child DTH instantiations with the physical sensors. The parent DTH creates the child DTH devices, but those devices do not have the Zigbee ID and Network Device ID of the actual physical sensors.

Must a child device be created by its parent, or can I register an existing device as a child via a parent call? (Obviously the existing child would need appropriate custom DTH methods.) I’m not sure that an existing child would be able to access the parent property though. However, wouldn’t a newly joined sensor create its own device instead of using a parent-created child (empty) device?

Do I modify the child devices (created by the parent device) to match the physical sensors (Zigbee IDs, DNIs)? Do I modify the physical sensors’ device data to match the child DNIs setup by the parent?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. And thanks, everyone, for the awesome stories and posts. They have helped me very much in my tinkerings.