Zigbee Blubs with status update

The issues are somewhat different than how they’ve been framed. Let me see if I can address the end result you’re trying to accomplish.

Hue polling

If you use bulbs (any brand) with a hue bridge, SmartThings does a heartbeat check on the bridge every five seconds and gets the status of each bulb that way. While it is possible to connect a Hue bulb directly to smartthings, it is not officially supported.


The Lutron connected bulb remote

The zigbee standard doesn’t allow for secondary coordinators the way the Z wave standard does. (Control 4 has done it, but they’re using a proprietary protocol.)

consequently a bulb can belong to either smartthings or to the Lutron connected bulb remote, but not both. Again, regardless of the brand of the bulb.

Some people have been trying to set it up so that the Lutron device talks to the hub and the hub talk to the bulbs, but so far this integration has not been successful. Either the LUtron device keep stealing the bulbs from SmartThings, or the Lutron device drops off of the SmartThings network.

The good news is that since smartThings is a multiprotocol platform, there are a number of button devices, some handheld, some wall mount, which can be used for a similar function. It doesn’t matter what the protocol are for these devices since they will talk to the hub and the Hub will talk to the bulbs. So those button devices can be used either with bulbs connected to a hue bridge or with bulbs connected directly to the smartthings hub.

See the following FAQ for a list:

Alternatively, if you are using the hue bridge then any control device which talks to the hue bridge can be used as a parallel means of control, and smart things will get the bulb status in the next heartbeat check. So there are people, myself included, using the hue dimmer switch In this fashion as a parallel means of control.

There are also some community members trying to get the Hue dimmer switch to work directly with SmartThings, but they’ve been running into some of the same issues as the Lutron device, in particular, the switch dropping off the network every day or two.

So… It’s not possible to simultaneously have the Lutron connected bulb remote and smartthings both as zigbee coordinators for a bulb. Regardless of bulb brand. People are working on getting the Lutron device to communicate directly to the hub, but so far without full success. There are some alternative devices you can look at. And any bulb connected via the hue bridge Will update status to smart things about every five seconds, regardless of the control method used with it.

I hope I have understood the question. If not, just let us know. :sunglasses:

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