ZigBee based outdoor motion sensor


I am trying to find ZigBee based outdoor motion sensor

And also interested to see if there are any applications available which use vision based motion detection/classification


From what I understand, no motion sensors work outside.

One work around I have found is to use my CCTV system with BlueIris motion detection which uses pixel changes to find motion.

Normal motion sensors detect with heat and thus wont work outside as something basic like a cloud passing over the sun will cause a massive heat difference and trip the motion sensor.

There are also laser trip sensors (or driveway alarms) which can be wired into some sensors with a extra feature, but I’ve not personally done this.

Good luck


I’ve used both Iris & Centralite/ST outside in sheltered locations. As far as vision bases unless you go with cameras which are WiFi ( or hardwired) not ZigBee you are SOL. AFAIL any motion sensor you find is going to be Passive Infra-Red PIR which looks for changes in heat. Which is actually better for outdoors since trees and bushes blowing around or birds flying by, changes in the sun angle will not register.