Zero Phone Support

Anyone else ever tried to call in for phone support? I just finally hung up after being on hold for 35 minutes. The word frustrating doesn’t even begin to describe it. And their horrible, horrible on hold loop needs to go away. IMMEDIATELY.

I’ve got a house full of gear, and I can’t get at least half of it added to my system. Completely inexplicable. For example, two smart switches, side by side, and one will add, but the other is never found. And basically no way to get a hold of someone for support.

Well, one way is to open a ticket, wait two days for a response, and then go back and forth. It takes a week to solve the most minor problems. And that doesn’t work when you have dozens of devices you can’t connect that you spent $thousands on. Grrrr…

Have you tried to exclude the switches first and then running the include? I had a few I had to do that to that were straight from the supplier. I think when they test them, sometimes they forget to exclude them. (Just my guess I have no proof to back that up)

Z-Wave devices should always be force excluded before trying to add. I’ve never had an issue with one I did this with first. Some I was too lazy to bother, and they gave me trouble, switches to mini-motes, doesn’t matter, always exclude first.

I think this is why I prefer Zigbee devices…

Email support is usually quick for me, a few hours before a real response, once maybe it took a day. Don’t they have live chat now too? Thought I saw that mentioned somewhere.

John, I’m a newbie, but I ran into an issue the other day and used chat. I received quick and courteous assistance. from Luis. I’m sure on any given day or time things could have been different, but I was satisfied this time.

This is not the service our customers should expect… I’m sending you a DM to investigate this. Stay tuned