Zero of my 19 Pistons are working

I know there are currently service outage issues over at ST HQ, but would that explain why none of my Pistons are working? Is there a way to reset core somehow? Looking for any options to get the house back up and running.

I think we are dependent on ST getting the issues resolved.


Yikes. Never had a catastrophic failure like this before.

Same here. No pistons are working.

So…you’re new, then? :wink:



Wait, I thought everything was supposed to work flawlessly 100% of the time :wink:

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Most things work pretty well most of the time. For most people. :sunglasses:

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I haven’t had any issues at all even during the outage. Yay me.

I lost all control via the App around 7:30 pm EST. As of now, zwave and zigbee devices are “mostly” back, but SHM and Hue bulbs (via the Hue bridge) are non-responsive.

At some point all my zwave network was messed up. Since I have a lot of GE switches and dimmers that are always powered on by mains electricity, I ended up shutting down ALL power in the house (fuse panel yay!) for a few seconds and then brought all fuses back to on in a slow sequence. I strongly advise against using the mains fuse as it creates an electrical arc when turned back on and can ruin the fuse. Always shut down all fuses one by one in the inside panel, then bring them all back up one by one, pacing each one at 1-3 seconds apart to avoid sudden power surges.