Zen22 connectivity issues

I have three Zooz Zen22 dimmers in the kitchen. I have a Vera Plus that is located upstairs in my office. This is not quite halfway between the two ends of the house, about 15 feet from the kitchen switch, just upstairs. Two of the Zen22 switches keep going offline, especially the farthest one from the hub. Here is a crude diagram of what I have. Kitchen to Deck 1 is about 20 feet, and Kitchen to Deck 2 is about 13 feet or so. I just installed a bunch of Zen22 switches (red boxes) this weekend. Most of the time, Deck 1 has been showing "not detected unless I bring the hub down into the kitchen and put it within 10 feet of the switch. Two nights ago, I finally got everything detected and when I woke up yesterday, Deck 1 and Deck 2 were not detected. Last night before I went to bed, all switches were being detected. When I woke up this morning, Kitchen and Deck 1 were no longer being detected. I moved the VeraPlus hub downstairs into the living room (there is a switch there), which puts the hub about 20 feet from the ktichen switch. Now the kitchen switch is detected, but Deck 1 and Deck 2 are not detected. Is Zwave Plus mesh networking really this fragile? It is definitely frustrating.


I have two other switches out in the living room that seems to always work, but they are directly under the hub and about 20ish feet from the kitchen Zen22. Does anyone have any thoughts? Would I get better range with a smartthings hub?


Vera? Did you try Vera support forum?

there is probably a similar zwave mesh repair function in Vera.