Zen thermostat app for IOS not showing setpoint

The recently updated IOS app for Zen thermostat is not working properly. It displays the current temperature (although the font is too small compared to the Android version), but does not display the setpoint between the up and down temperature setting arrows. The app works fine in Android (I have both) and only displays this behavior in the latest version of IOS running on an iPhone 7Plus.

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Hey Keith. This bug started in iOS app version 2.6.0. I was hoping for a fix in 2.7.0 but the bug remains and the mobile team is continuing to look into it.

If you reach out to support, they can follow up via email once the issue is resolved.


Thanks Brad.

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I observed the same bug on my iPhone 6. Glad to know that the Support team are aware and are working to solve this.

It’s fixed in version 2.8.0 of the app.