Zapasl Smart Remote Control WiFi Plug Socket $10

Smart Remote Control WiFi Plug Socket Support Alexa Control
Model TUS-001
Rated Current 15A
Rated Voltage 110V
Product Weight 330g
Package Contents 1 x WiFi Socket

Not sure if there is a Device type for Smartthings

Good deal if it can integrate with ST. Would like to replace my wemos that never work with ST.

Does anyone know if this will integrate with Smartthings? They are on sale again today.

Mine arrived not working. Their return policy is that you have to pay yourself for the shipping to China, so keep that in mind.

I purchased this plug before I purchased the SmartThings hub. The plug works great with Alexa and the recommended app. Anyone figure out how to connect to SmartThings?

Hmmm… I too wish this device has some info regarding to adding it to SmartThings. I’ve tried to mess around with it and add it but so far no success. I’m still learning as a newbie though.