Z-WaveMe Wall C-S / C-2 vs. Popp 009303 Wall C


It is known that the beast deals for a Z-Wave wall controllers are:

  • Z-WaveMe Wall C-S / C-2
  • Popp 009303 Wall C


Despite the Z-WaveMe Wall C-S / C-2 looks the same and have the same functions with Popp 009303 Wall C Forever controller, they are not. The Popp 009303 Wall C Forever is far superior because if you will press repeatedly and fast on a Z-WaveMe Wall C-S / C-2 (for example a child) the controllers from Z-Wave.Me it will block/frees for about half a minute. Or not necessary to press repeatedly, just press at least 2 buttons twice
and the controller will be unresponsive for about 30seconds until it can execute another task/command/button press. The POPP will not frees or block. And that is huge
for the clients and the company image.

I wrote emails to both. To POPP with congrats and to Z-Wave.ME to solve the bugs. Popp responded me back, Z-Wave.ME not.

I erase the Z-WaveMe Wall C-S / C-2 from my shopping list from now on.