Z-wave virtual 3-way switch

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I have never seen ST setup a direct association between two devices… Have you?


Yes, I have, and that method is one of several documented in the FAQ I linked to. It can be done using the setassociation command. But it requires custom code and it’s more work than it’s worth in most cases since you can just use a minimote instead.

Under the Z wave standard, it cannot be done by the devices themselves, it requires the participation of a controller. But the minimote can act as a secondary controller, which is why you can use it for devices which are on a SmartThings network. :sunglasses:

edited to update: as of March 17, a community member, @zcapr17 , has created a new way of doing associations with SmartThings which is now pretty easy. They created a device type handler called the “Z wave tweaker.” You just temporarily assign that to your Z wave device, then you can use the tweaker to set associations and configure parameters, and when you’re done you assign the device back to your everyday device type handler. Very useful! :sunglasses: