Z-Wave Utilities

In Z-Wave Utilities, I only see these two options: (1) Z-Wave Exclusion; and (2) Repair the Z-Wave Network. Why is Z-Wave Inclusion or Pairing not there?

Maybe because of the added abstraction layer that smartthings uses, which means that a DTH (a unique smartthings construct, and not part of the Zwave standard) has to be assigned to the device at the time of pairing? This sets it up in your cloud account as well as being simply added to the hub. But I don’t know for sure. :thinking:

In any case, to add a Z wave device, use the + in the upper right of the smartthings app, then choose device.

If you select by device type, you can then choose “generic Z wave device“ if the brand/model is not listed. Or if it uses S2 security and can be added with a QR code, you can choose to scan that at the bottom of the page.

I had the hardest time trying to figure out how to put the Hub in inclusion mode. At the bottom right of the Add Device page, there is a button that says Scan Nearby. I think that scans for both Zigbee and Z-Wave devices.

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scan nearby does, but i’ve seen some staff recommend choosing the Generic Z-wave Device “brand” when adding an unlisted z-wave device because it handles the S2 DSK key onboarding/pairing flow better.