Z-Wave Utilities missing for certain hubs

Hello SmartThings Community!

We are a company and our clients use v3p hubs. We are aware that a firmware update cause z-wave functionality not to update properly on the hubs, and the solution is to power cycle the hub.

Until now, every hub that we set up for our clients had this issue, so as a solution we would access the hub’s z-wave utilities from the browser version of SmartThings. The ability to do this remotely for our clients is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to us.

now, when looking at some hubs, the z-wave utilities are gone.

Can someone from this community ensure me that the ability to remotely troubleshoot the hubs won’t be going away?

Thanks so much!

When you notice the utilities are missing, are you signed in as a shared user on that location? Only the owner account can see the hub utilities.

Yes, we are seeing this under the owner accounts. I even called SmartThings support and the utilities are gone for them too, they didn’t have an answer for us.

EDIT** Another detail is that in some accounts the utilities are there but for other locations they are not. So are utilities hub-specific or account-specific?