Z-Wave Universal RC?

Hello folks,

Is there such a thing as a z-wave remote control that can “learn” from others? I had shades installed on my home that are activated via RC and I’d love to have a way to include them in my home automation.

Thank you!

Not necessarily ZWave. However there are many solutions available to automate remote controlled devices wifh SmartThings.

What make and model of blinds are they specifically (exact model does matter) so the folks here can give suggestions.

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Thank you for the reply.
This will sound really really stupid but I just called my blinds guy to ask him about the brand name of the motor and he could not spell it for me…it sounded something like “certin 45”. It could be any variation of the spelling as long as it sounds close to it. He is an older hispanic guy and struggles with English.
I searched Google for tubular motor brands to see if I could find the name myself but could not find a list of the most common ones. He did say he could sell me the module to connect it to my phone for about $300.

I have no experience with this, but may be in a similar market myself soon.

Maybe this is a possible solution?

Yes, I found that as well but it is out of stock, plus it seems a bit overkill. I only need 3 buttons!!! lol.

You would think that someone would come up with a simple RC with learning technology to capture the RF emitted by other RC…sort of like the harmony does.