Z-WAVE TOOLBOX - Diagnosing Zwave network issues

For some time I have been wondering about tools to diagnose a Zwave network and tonight I randomly ran into this one:


I am wondering whether anyone on this forum has used this product and what their experience was. It is $250 so before I buy it, I would like to be sure it is worth it, and can actually help a common mortal (one who may not be an expert in zwave technology and/or RF) figure out issues with their own network.

Copy and paste from their site:

The Z-Wave Packet Analyzer allows the user to see Z-Wave traffic. It helps troubleshoot connections, identify abnormal device operation, and pinpoint weak spots.

The Spectrum Analyzer allows users to scan frequencies close to Z-Wave frequencies for any interference.

Network Health Tester. This powerful tool can determine link stability, quality of service, latencies, and can help the user to troubleshoot, optimize, and deploy Z-Wave networks with confidence.

That’s a brand-new product, it’s been out less than a month. Intended for professional installers. It’s a spectrum analyzer plus the zensys mapping tools Plus a kind of packet sniffer for a Z wave network. It’s part of the strategy that involved publishing the API, because they want to be considered by local installers.

I don’t think you’d really need it. It’s really rare to get local interference with a Z wave network, so the spectrum analyzer (which is a big part of the cost) is really just a peace of mind tool for people who are used to using one for other protocols.

As far as the mapping tools, you could just get a $49 AEON USB stick and then use the free zensys tools that work with that.

As to whether you could understand the reports, that’s hard to say. I thought they were pretty clear, but there have been people who have posted in the forum who had no idea what they were looking at.

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