Z-wave Switches (mixing brands)

I always wondered if it were possible to pair up a jasco on/off master switch to an enerwave auxiliary and vice versa? Also, would it be possible to run a 3 way switch with a manual switch on one side and zwave master on the other ?


Your best bet is to use the pair as designed.

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Common sense tells me the same. Reason why I asked is because I have a couple of pure white enerwave masters and cannot find auxilary switches in the same color.

Thanks for the input @jerzydiver

In examining the switches they look to be identical as they both contain the same 3 wire input with NO load or power being applied to it. I would try it but is a test environment outside of the wall (test bed) just in case.

I may have to rig up something to test that. I definitely dont want wiring melting behind the wall. No telling what could happen.

I agree As i did examine the wiring on both and they are identical which tells me they are acting in the same manner. But it is a house and deserves the respect to be sure.

That’s not possible unless you are using a z-wave relay module. Then you don’t need a smart switch at both end.

As for mix and match. I do mix Dragon Tech, jasco and GE. They are the same maker according to the circuit board inside. I wouldn’t mix any other switches that I am not sure off.

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