Z wave switch with smart bulbs

Hi all,
I need ur advise with regarding the above topic. If i were to use a z wave switch and a smartbulb like yeelight led bulb or osram lightify, will the on off be able to control by the switch itself? I do not wan a situation where i need to do double action ( on the main switch and turn on from the app) just to be able to on the lighting.

You shouldn’t cut the current to your smart bulb with a switch (smart or dumb). See here for more info.

Are u trying to tell me to use the non wired switch to control the lighting? The reason i want to use the z wave switch is to have the ability for non technical person to off and on the switch without having to assess to the phone. ( actually the main reason is not to let them off the switch so that we have control on the lighting on our phone.) but at the same time i want a bulb that can change colour and dimming effect.

Im worried when i on the light, the bulb wont turn on until i go into the app itself to on it.

There are ways to use wall switches with smart bulbs. You just have to make sure that the switch is not actually cutting current to the bulb. That then solves the problem you describe, because the bulb will always respond to a command from the app as well, you won’t have to turn on the switch to be able to turn on the bulb. But whenever you use the switch, the light will respond to that as well. It works fine, you just have to select the correct devices. :sunglasses:

See the following FAQ (this is a clickable link) it should give you some ideas.