Z-wave switch for a small non-dimmable LED load?

I read elsewhere on the forum about trouble controlling non-dimmable LED loads with a switch. Apparently LEDs continues to glow faintly even when the power is off due to trickle/leaking current.

For every switch I could think of, even ones with neutral wire, the manual I does not list LED as a supported load.

Does anyone here a practical experience with such setup?

I need to control G9 LED bulbs in a pedant fixture. I would prefer dimmable LEDs, but the only ones of quality that I found are non-dimmable.

Looking for pointers.
Thanks in advance.

I know the GE zwave and zigbee switches handle led just fine. 2 generations back not so much, but any zwave switch that requires a neutral should work just fine with LEDs.

This is what I’m trying to avoid:

There is amazon for that… they have an awesome return policy. If it works out then keep it, if not return it. I’ll prob come behind ya and snag it on a warehouse deal anyway :wink:

This is slightly more complicated since Amazon.ca does not have the same selection as you do. International shipping both way is costly too.

Maybe i have some serious searchfu, but i don’t see a big selection issue on amazon.ca with over 100 options to choose from, plus i see several with free shipping. The Levity DZS15 is a dimmer if you want to avoid issues buy a switch that is not a dimmer, on/off only. I personally have a GE 45603 controlling a 3w LED load and Jasco/GE 45609, 12722, 45856 controlling a 12w LED load w/o issue and one of those is a dimmer.

Most zwave dimmer switches require a 40w minimum load. A typical G9 LED replacement is only 2.5 watts. So it gets really difficult. This is the typical Christmas tree light problem. There just aren’t enough bulbs.

For a chandelier fixture, some people will put one incandescent into the mix. (A G9 incandescent is typically 40 W. So just one will do it.)

Otherwise, as was suggested, you just have to try them and see.

@Navat604 might have another suggestion.

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like @sidjohn1 . I know for sure a GE 45603 and 12722 also Dragon Tech wd-100 dimmers work with just 4 watts G9 led bulb. Aeon micro and linear not so much.


The key to the Amazon return is to tell then it does not operate as specified with your system. Or, it’s broken and you want your money back. They pay for shipping.

Plus only buy stuff eligible for prime.