Z-wave Spring Motorized Shades

I just got 14 Z-Wave motorized Graber shades which have the Spring motor. I have an Aeotec Hub. I have everything integrated such that 1) I can see all the shades; 2) I can control the shades from the Premium hand-held controller; 3) the Controller is seen by the ST app. I set up a Routine in the iPhone Smartthings app such that I can open all the shades, close all of them, and have them rest at 50%.

However, using the hand-held controller, all the shades move synchronously - i.e., for any Channel, they all go up, down, etc together. When I run the routine on the Smartthings App, they go up haphazardly.


  1. Can I program shades to all go up synchronously from the ST app?
  2. Can I program channels like the hand-held controller?
  3. Any other tricks/customization available?


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