Z-wave Smart Start - Will ST Support?

(Ash (www.smart-dots.com) / Ashutosh Jaiswal) #1

Z-wave is going to come up with a pre-config mechanism. We at Smartdots (www.smart-dots.com) are currently doing this the old way of adding the switches remotely in a lab set up. But this will help dramatically for integrators like us to provide their customers with preconfigured kits easily.

Will ST be supporting this , considering it is mostly geared towards the end consumer?



Just some info, but doesn’t answer your question.


It’s actually mostly geared towards professional installers who put together bundle kits at a warehouse. It’s not entirely clear how it’s going to work for individual devices in a DIY channel. But remember that the Z wave alliance has said that 2/3 of z wave devices are professionally installed, and when they first announced this idea in 2015, it was at a group meeting for pro installers at CES and was clearly in response to Xfinity home requests.

Comcast was complaining about the warehouse tech having to open the box and put an individual light switch on power in order to add it to the bundle that was being shipped for installation. This solves that issue completely. :sunglasses: